Head over to Hamilton Record Club

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to the Hamilton Record Club blog and download their latest album, covering Curtis Mayfield, “There’s No Place Like America Today.” The album can be downloaded for free via soundcloud. The first outing was also recently performed live, to rip-roaring applause. The next album, will be recorded in a few weeks time and I will keep you all posted to what’s going on. In the meantime enjoy!

First / Last / Next

Final track from the surround sound project. Brad Morgan and Strachan Johnston and myself on drums, Strachan returns on the double bass, David Sidwell on Upright Piano, as well as, Glenn Gould giving his two cents about “being recorded,” a key discussion point in music production today…

First / Last / Next from Bjorn Arntsen on Vimeo.

Track 4: Swoop

Here is the fourth track’s video. Exploring the doppler effect…

Swoop from Bjorn Arntsen on Vimeo.

Circumnavigation: The History Of Recorded Sound

I am going to start uploading all the music videos from new album “Bjorn Goes Surround.” This is the second track from that project. It tells the story of the “very first recording session,” naturally starting with the big bang and ending in a little place called Hamilton, New Zealand.

Circumnavigation from Bjorn Arntsen on Vimeo.

Breathe in – Peace Out

This is track number three from my new album “Bjorn Arntsen Goes Surround.” The track features MC Koma from 4 Corners (NZ) and Laura Shepherd on vocals. The song is based around the story telling and instrumentation of the Beastie Boys and Beck.
Breathe In - Peace Out by Bjorn Arntsen

What Goes Around Comes Surround

Here is the first track from my new album “Bjorn Arntsen Goes Surround.” Once again Richard Bennett takes up the vocal duties. I try hard to hang on to my double-bass here… What Comes Around Goes Surround by Bjorn Arntsen

They Went Home

This song is track seven from my new CD/DVD ” Bjorn Arntsen Goes Surround. Lyrics are based on the Maya Angelou poem of the same name.
They Went Home by Bjorn Arntsen

TwentyOne 13

This song is track four on my new album “Bjorn Arntsen Goes Surround”
During the twenty-first week of a pregnancy, an unborn baby weighs thirteen grams…
TwentyOne 13 by Bjorn Arntsen

So erm…

Been quiet for a while…Holiday time that’s why. Just got hold of Laura Veirs new album (July Flame) that seems to hold a certain undefined power, and is a perfect companion to my days of DIY. Anyway here is Laura’s new video:

A Box Of Bees (Song)

Box of Bees by Bjorn Arntsen