Marathon Man

Hurrah for me. I ran my first ever marathon – the inaugural Brooklyn Marathon on November 20th. After 3 months of training, battles with knee and hip injuries and late nights on the NYU treadmills, I finally got to the finish line. I had been training for a 9 minute mile, but as most first-timers – I went out too fast and ran the first mile at 8:13. So I slowed myself down, but felt comfortable running around the 8:30/mile time and had no problems keeping up with the unofficial 3:45 finish time pacer – in fact I lost him around the half way mark. I kept up my intake of Gatorade and GU gel until I got to 17 miles and ran out. My wife refilled my hand-held bottle, so I didn’t have to go without for too long. At the 21 mile mark, I got back and stomach cramps that slowed me down completely. At that point like most marathoners, I knew I had hit the “wall” and just had to keep going. My pace for the last 5 miles slowed down to over 10 minutes/mile, but my average pace stayed below 9 minutes. In the end I crossed the finish line at 3:58:46 – my new/first marathon PR! I also beat my previous half-marathon PR by 5 minutes. So what’s next? I’m going to do a lot of speed training and do workouts that support my back throughout the winter and focus on running some 10k’s and half-marathons until the next Brooklyn Marathon – November 21, 2012. Bjorn 2 Run!