New Music: Brodsky Song

Brodsky Song by Bjorn Arntsen

IKEA goes for Verdana


Just I was claiming that my own website was too IKEA-like. The Guardian – a top UK newspaper tells the story of how IKEA’s new look is all about that font – Verdana: The new flatpack font? This is a change t from Futura to Verdana. And why is this a problem? Well, the new catalogues have just arrived on type designers’ doormats if you need more Benny bookshelves, and instead of looking all industrial and tough, it now looks a little more crafted and generously rounded. It also looks less suited to a Swedish company founded on original design, and a bit more like a company you wouldn’t think twice about. Online design forums are fuming, and typomaniacs are saying terrible things…Futura (82 years old) was a bit quirky and Verdana is a bit boring – a bit like a cornershop display window.

New Song Available: Pedal (instrumental version)

Pedal by Bjorn Arntsen